International Baccalaureate authorizes MCU’s Master’s Program

Master’s Program International Baccalaureate: Theory and Technologies has been approved by the International Baccalaureate. The Program has been implemented by the MCU’s Institute of Digital Education for three years. This year, two of the MCU alumni have graduated with IB Educator Certificates. In total, nine professors of the Institute of Digital Education are certified by the IB.

On November 2, the Institute held an online meeting with Liza Tercero of IB Professional Services. MCU reported on its accomplishments and fulfillment of the IB recommendations provided at the Program’s authorization in 2016. The further development of the Program and of the graduate students’ education was discussed. Head of Department of Education Informatization Professor Vadim Grinshkun, Coordinator of the Program Natalia Usova, and the teaching staff of the Department, reported on the students and alumni’s feedback. They also highlighted the results of the updating of the primary school teachers’ training program. The professors elaborated on the importance of the worldwide universities’ community, which are authorized to recognize their alumni with IB Educator Certificates.

As the result of the meeting, the MCU’s authorization was prolonged, after the IB reviewed the report. The alumni of the Master’s Program International Baccalaureate: Theory and Technologies will continue to be provided with the opportunity to receive the IB Educator Certificate in Teaching and Learning.