Student card and reader’s ticket in the My MCU app

MCU students now have the opportunity to use an electronic student card and a library card in the My MCU app (“Мой МГПУ” in Russian).

In the electronic campus pass section, students and staff can easily generate an electronic pass (a special QR code) and show it to security guards to enter the university buildings.

How to use the app:

  1. Open the My MCU app and click the button of the electronic campus pass section.
  2. Click a button to add photo and take a selfie.
  3. Activate pass and show the QR code that opens to the security gurads in the university building.
  4. The pass remains valid for 5 minutes from the moment of activation. After this time, a new pass will need to be generated by taking another photo and activating it.
  5. In the reader’s ticket section, students can view their reader’s ticket number and a list of issued books.

The My MCU app with new features is available for installation and update in the App Store and Google Play.


Photo: MCU