The “Mathematics and Mechanics” field of study is represented by the Ph.D. program Mathematical logic, algebra, and number theory.

The scope of the research fields includes aerospace and defence industries, aircraft and machine engineering, construction, design of new materials, data analytics, finance and business, such as insurance and consulting companies, and higher education.

The program provides research scholars with a wide array of scientific tools to study and apply in their research on concepts, hypotheses, physical and mathematical models, algorithms and programs, methods of experimental research of natural phenomena, physical and chemical processes, as well as to investigate the problems of fundamental and applied mathematics, mechanics and natural sciences.

Field of Study

Mathematics and Mechanics

Language of Study


Study Mode




Period of Study

4 years


Research and teaching in the field of fundamental and applied mathematics

Research and teaching in the field of mechanics

Research and teaching in the field of natural sciences

Research and teaching in the field of information science


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