The “Information Science and Computing Technology” field of study is represented by the Ph.D. programs Management in social and economic systems and Mathematical and software support of computer systems and networks.

The scope of the research fields includes science and education, technics and technology, including theory development; design, introduction, and implementation of advanced computing systems, networks, and complexes as well as mathematical and software support.

The programs provide research scholars with a wide array of scientific tools to study and apply in their research on computing machines, complexes, systems, and networks; software for computing tools and automated systems; mathematical, information, technical, linguistic, software, ergonomic, organizational, and legal support for automated information, computing, projecting, and managing systems; high-performance computations and supercomputer technics; technologies for developing computing tools and designing software.

Field of Study

Information Science and Computing Technology

Language of Study


Study Mode




Period of Study

4 years


Functioning of computing machines, complexes, and networks

Development of elements and devices of computing technics based on physical and technical advancements

Design of methods of processing and collecting information

Development of algorithms, software, programming languages, human-computer interfaces

Design of mathematical methods and tools for intellectual data processing

Development of information and automated systems for design and management of diverse fields

Higher education


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