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The “Political Science and Regional Studies” field of study is represented by the Ph.D. program Political institutions, processes, and technologies.

The scope of the research fields includes the socio-political, socio-cultural, and economic spheres; the structures of political power and administration; political parties and social movements; domestic and international institutions; the system of modern international relations; political culture; the interaction between authorities, business, and society; and higher education institutions.

The program provides research scholars with a wide array of scientific tools to study and apply in their research on political, economic, social, demographic, and linguistic processes at the local, regional, national, and international levels; international relations and external policy; political expertise and counseling; the issues of historic development; processes in the fields of culture, ethnicity, language, and religion.

Field of Study

Political Science and Area Studies

Language of Study


Study Mode




Period of Study

4 years


Political science

Regional studies

International relations and external affairs

Asian and African studies

Public politics and social studies


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