The “Physical Education and Sports” field of study is represented by the Ph.D. program Theory and methods of physical education, sports training, health-promoting and adaptive physical culture.

The scope of the research fields includes organization, management, scientific support, and vocational education in sports training, physical education, sanative and adaptive physical culture, recreation, and tourism.

The program provides research scholars with a wide array of scientific tools to study and apply in their research on processes of developing physical, mental, social, cultural, ideological, motivational, and value orientations and dispositions on promoting health, following a healthy lifestyle, optimizing psychophysical human conditions, mastering motor skills, abilities, and related tasks, as well as motor capabilities and high-performance capacity, multifaceted preparedness, skills for competitive activities, and enhancing sports mastery aimed at achieving highest competitive results; teaching and upbringing in the higher education process in the field of physical education and sports; educational systems in the field of physical education.

Field of Study

Physical Education and Sport

Language of Study


Study Mode




Period of Study

3 years


General theory of physical culture

Theory and methods of physical education

Professional and applied physical culture and training for the military

Sanative physical culture

Adaptive physical culture

Psychology of physical culture


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