The “Social Sciences” field of study is represented by the Ph.D. program Sociology of management.

The scope of the research fields includes the theory, methodology, history of social science; social structure; social institutions and processes; economic sociology and demography; sociology of management; sociology of culture and cultural life; political sociology.

The program provides research scholars with a wide array of scientific tools to study and apply in their research on the theories explaining social processes and relations at different levels of social organization, public phenomena, regularities of social development, mechanisms of social changings in the global space, in Russian society and regional social spaces, as well as transitional eras, countries, regions, social communities, spheres of public life, and social systems; actual social phenomena, links, institutions, and processes in global, regional, and other socioeconomic, sociopolitical, and sociocultural systems; social processes and structures at macro- and microlevels; social communities and social relations within the communities and between them, their reflections in the public consciousness, as well as the results and means of influence on the social communities and social relations; the processes of social and scientific research, including methodology, methods, and tools of scientific research, the techniques of analysis and information systematization, the development of models of the studied processes, phenomena, and objects of professional activities, the mechanisms of forecasting and optimizing social indicators, processes, and relations, the development of methodology and instrumental means for sociological analysis corresponding the conditions, goals, and objectives.

Field of Study

Social Studies

Language of Study


Study Mode




Period of Study

3 years


Theory, methodology, history of social science

Social structure

Social institutions and processes

Economic sociology and demography

Sociology of management

Sociology of culture and cultural life

Political sociology

Higher education


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