MCU scholars participate in the conference on children’s play

On September 22—23, the 3rd International Scientific Conference “Today’s Children Game Culture” dedicated to the influence of the toy on child development was held online.

Professor Igor Shiyan, Deputy Head of the Institute, Professor Tatiana Le-van, and Anna Yakshina, a junior research fellow, from the MCU’s Research Institute of Urban Studies and Global Education delivered the joint report Kindergarten as an Environment for Play: Approbation of the Scale “Support for Children’s Play”. The report focuses on the fundamentals of the scale as a research tool for assessing the quality of the conditions for developing the play in kindergartens, based on the cultural-historical approach to the play.

The researchers have spoken on the role of adults in children’s play:

We include not only toys and games in the learning environment but also the interaction between a child and an adult. The scale mainly focuses on the role of an adult in a child’s play. Adults do not often react to what children are doing or not play with them but manipulate them like puppets. However, adults are to entirely participate in the play as a partner and concern about how the child’s environment and time are arranged, what events fill up the child’s life. An educator can change the daily schedule for the sake of comprehensive child’s play so that there is more time to play uninterruptedly.

The International Scientific Conference “Today’s Children Game Culture” aims at designing the environment for the interaction between Russian and international scientific and expert communities of researchers in the field of children’s play and the industry of games and toys.

The proceedings of the conference will be published as a collection of the most notable articles.

See the video of the conference on the official website.