MCU certified for the IB program in 2018

The global IB website published an updated catalogue of universities certified to offer IB degree programs. MCU is one of the world universities and the only one in Moscow providing IB certificates in teaching and learning under the ‘International Baccalaureate: theory and technologies’ Master’s degree program.

This program is comprised of four modules beginning with the generic issues of educational theory and practice, ensuring the national and international outlook and finishing with the specific themes of IB philosophy and technologies. During the academic years, all the trainees have the opportunity to work within and reflect upon the IB practice within MCU. This is undertaken through classroom experience, seminars and special input sessions. Supervision of student inquiry and study is conducted by MCU teaching staff in cooperation with the best teachers from the Moscow IB schools. Students can obtain an IB educator certificate (PYP or MYP) after completing the Master’s program.

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