MCU takes part in the IB Educator Certificate University Conference in the United Kingdom

The second IB Educator Certificate University Conference, ‘International education: The intersection of research and practice’ was held in Bath, England, at the University of Bath from 18-20 June 2018.

The conference was designed to bring together a worldwide community of universities interested in sharing research and best practice in the field of international education, with an emphasis on research in IB programs and contexts. This conference engaged participants in discussions on emerging themes associated with offering internationalized teacher education. It became a tremendous opportunity for participants from 32 universities from different countries including Austria, Australia, Spain, Egypt, Hong Kong, the USA, the UK, Qatar, Japan and Russia to come together to share research, collaborate with universities’ faculty and IB staff, and participate in rich conversations about the important work happening in universities around the world.

The conference featured keynotes by IB leaders and other international educators, networking events, and collaborative research opportunities. It had two strands: research on IB programs and professional development for educators and sharing best practices globally across recognized universities that offer IB certificates in teaching and learning (PYP, MYP, DP, CP) and leadership.

Presenters had the option to share through topic-based and methodology-based research sessions, as well as through round table sessions and poster sessions. Our country was represented by MCU experts: Vadim Grinshkun, head of IT-based Education Department, Natalia Usova, curator of MCU IB Educator Certificate Master Program, and Elena Khristenko, vice director of MCU School. MCU team held a round table discussion devoted to the methodological principles of MCU IB Educator Certificate Master Program.

IB Educator Certificate Master Program has started at MCU since 2014. The Master’s graduates can obtain IB Educator Certificate in Teaching and Learning in PYP IB or MYP IB. MCU is the 32nd University around the world providing IB Educator Certificate programs. Learn more at the MCU IB Provider Center.