MCU student about studying in Hungary

Roman Bezugla, a 4th-year undergraduate student of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Sports Technologies, won the competition for a Hungarian scholarship under the Stipendium Hungaricum programme and got the opportunity to go to Hungary for the first semester of the 2023-2024 academic year.

Studying in Hungary under a scholarship programme provides a unique opportunity for MCU students to receive a high-quality education in one of the Hungarian universities. The programme offers financial support including tuition, living expenses, and daily expenses. It’s a great chance to expand your knowledge and improve your language skills, as well as to get acquainted with a new culture and students from a different country, and make valuable connections for your future career.

As Roman Bezugla notes, studying abroad is an unforgettable experience that helps you develop personally, professionally, and culturally:

I am currently at the Hungarian University of Sports Sciences in Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

It is an invaluable experience for me, I really appreciate this opportunity. I find my studies incredibly engaging and interesting. I really like the infrastructure, the campuses are beautiful and modern, and there are many sports facilities near and within the institute. My groupmates are nice and friendly, there are students from different parts of the world. We have plenty of activities both recreational and scientific. The Institute introduced me to the sport of Judo, which is one of the most popular martial arts in Hungary. I even managed to partake in a student competition. Initially, I took 5th place among the students of all universities in Budapest, but the next day my coach informed me that the young judge made a mistake, still, the decision could not be changed. My coach Endre Németh gave me a medal for 3rd place, saying that I performed well and deserved this award. I am glad that I have such an honest and fair mentor and I am very grateful to him.

I would also like to mention the unique culture and traditions of Hungary, and the scenery and architecture can be enjoyed all day long.

Studying abroad is an excursion into new worlds of knowledge and opportunities.