Researchers of the Laboratory of Child Development contributing to the international project on early childhood education

In January 2018, the book Early Childhood Education and Care in the 21st Century: International Teaching, Family and Policy Perspectives featuring research by the MCU experts was published by the British publishing house Routledge. The book is edited by Susanne Garvis, Sivanes Phillipson, Heidi Harju-Luukkainen and provides a snapshot of early childhood education and care from 19 different countries around the world.

The book was initiated by an international research team including scientists from Gothenburg University (Sweden), Monash University (Australia), and University of Helsinki (Finland). The concept of the book comprises the key challenges of the modern early childhood education and experiences of different countries in overcoming them. The first volume is dedicated to the arrangement of early childhood education system and involving parents in the education process. The 2nd volume — to the education of teachers, the 3rd — to the national research on early childhood education. The 2nd volume is scheduled to be published in February 2019.

The project involves a wide scientific community of such countires as Australia, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Iceland, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Taiwan, Turkey, Finland, Chile, Sweden, Estonia, South Korea.

MCU researchers of the Laboratory of Child Development Igor Shiyan, Olga Shiyan, Alexander Veraksa, and Nikolay Veraksa contributed to the book by writing the chapter Early childhood education and care in Russia: different contexts of the cultural-histrical theory.

The book is indexed by the SCOPUS.