MCU Rector at the Central China Normal University

The MCU delegation headed by Rector Igor Remorenko attended the 120th-anniversary celebration of the Central China Normal University and the Chinese and Foreign University Presidents (Rectors) Forum dedicated to innovation and development of higher education in the digital transformation era.

The Central China Normal University invited MCU to take part in the anniversary celebration as one of the leading pedagogical institutions of higher education in Russia. Within the framework of the forum, Igor Remorenko made a plenary report on “Key Points of Digital Transformation at MCU”. His speech was focused on the development strategy and innovations of the university created in recent years: the innovative Computer Vision system, simulators for teachers and school principals, the Substitute Teacher programme, hybrid classrooms, and others. There were also reports delivered by representatives of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, the University of Macau, and the Education University of Hong Kong, which is a long-standing academic contact of MCU, and invited Igor Remorenko to visit Hong Kong. Afterward, panel discussions were held on the improvement of new talents and the professional development of teachers.

Among the invited were also representatives of other leading foreign universities, such as Newcastle University, University of Padua, Soka University, National Kaohsiung Normal University, and many others, which confirms the importance of this event and the interest of universities worldwide in creating strong ties in the international education.

Along with this, the MCU visit to China was also aimed at establishing a partnership with the Central China Normal University and discussing promising areas of cooperation. Among the representatives of MCU were Evgeny Silyanov, Vice-Rector, Oxana Malykh, Head of the Chinese Language Department, and Daria Milyaeva, Head of the International Relations Department.

This visit will open up new opportunities for students and teachers and will be an important step towards developing a long-term partnership and strengthening friendship between MCU and Central China Normal University.

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