North-Eastern Federal University and MCU strengthen cooperation

Cooperation between MCU and North-Eastern Federal University (NEFU) in the field of Oriental studies is progressing. Faculty members and students from both institutions actively participate in each other’s scientific events. MCU students made reports at the Semenov Readings on March 19, 2024, while faculty members and students from NEFU showcased their scientific achievements at the 1st International Forum “Languages and Cultures of East Asia in the Educational Space” held from March 13-16, 2024. Elena Rufova, Head of the Department, Department of Oriental Languages and Regional Studies at NEFU, delivered a plenary report at the forum.

Under the existing agreement between MCU and NEFU, academic mobility programs continue to be implemented. As part of this, Polina Vasilevskaya, a third-year student from MCU’s Japanese Language Department, studied at the Department of Oriental Languages and Regional Studies at NEFU from March 18 to March 30. During her time there, she was not only engaged in academic studies but also actively participated in department’s events, such as the “Week of Oriental Languages”.

Polina Vasilevskaya shares her impressions:

I am extremely glad that I was able to visit Yakutsk and study at NEFU. Teachers and students have compiled a programme for me so that I can visit as many interesting places as possible. I was warmly welcomed, meeting with students from various courses on a daily basis, attending conferences, events, and museums. This gives me an opportunity to get along  with my peers who told me interesting facts about the city and the places we visited together.

There were really a lot of university events. I attended a major conference Semenov Readings, where interesting reports were presented. I was a judge at the “speech contest” for the 2nd year and witnessed the phonetic competition of performances in Oriental languages.

I attended classes alongside 4-year students. Many subjects differed from those at MCU, so it was quite exciting. It is worth noting that the faculty members and students did everything possible to ensure my comfort during and after classes. They assisted me with checking into the university hotel, setting up WiFi, and organising study and leisure time, which was truly delightful.

I recommend seizing the opportunity to visit this wonderful city and university in the future!




Photo: MCU, Polina Vasilevskaya