Meeting with educational organisations of Anhui Province

On January 23, a productive working meeting took place at Moscow City University between representatives from MCU, educational institutions in Anhui Province, and the Department of Education of Anhui Province (PRC).

The meeting was attended by MCU Vice-Rector Evgeny Silyanov, the Head of the International Cooperation Department Daria Milyaeva and the Head of the Department for Strategic Development Ashot Dzhanumov.

The Anhui Province delegation comprised Chu Changlian, the Deputy Director of the Department of Education of Anhui Province, along with the leadership from Anhui Jianzhu University, Anhui University of Science and Technology, and Anhui University. This meeting marked the 4th encounter between MCU and representatives from Anhui Province, with the university having established cooperation with Anhui University since 2019.

Throughout the meeting, the participants discussed potential areas of cooperation in education and science. They expressed their intention to initiate partnerships with Anhui Jianzhu University and Anhui University of Science and Technology, with a particular focus on programs related to natural sciences, art, management, and law.

MCU demonstrated its interest in collaborating on joint Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes, establishing a joint consortium, and engaging in comparative research.

The representatives from Anhui Province extended an invitation to MCU to visit universities in China.


Photo: MCU