MCU students and staff at the Russian Weightlifting Cup

On February 3—10, the Russian Weightlifting Cup will be held in Orel, Russia. Students of the MCU’s Institute of Natural Sciences and Sports Technologies will participate in the tournament to qualify for the 2022 European Weightlifting Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria:

  • Roman Chepik, a student at the Master’s degree program “Complex Scientific Support for Sports Teams“, Master of Sport of International Class;
  • Nikita Khrulev, a Bachelor’s degree student, Master of Sport. Salim Khar’kovsky, MCU alumni, is Nikita Khrulev’s coach;
  • Artem Okulov, MCU alumni, Honored Master of Sport.

Associate Professor Yury Tusher and Associate Professor Dmitry Chernogorov from the Department of Adaptive Physical Education and Athletic Instruction will participate in the Russian Weightlifting Cup as juries of all-Russian category.

You may follow the competition on the website.

Within the tournament, MCU staff will arrange and hold the seminar for coaches and experts “Advanced Approach to Instructing Athletic Reserve in Weightlifting” as a part of the agreement between MCU and the Russian Weightlifting Federation.