MCU researchers published a Scopus article on network education

The “Sustainability” peer-reviewed journal has issued the article Lessons of the Pandemic for Family and School—The Challenges and Prospects of Network Education by the research team from MCU and Moscow State University of Psychology and Education. The MCU study group includes staff members of the Research Institute of Urban Studies and Global Education: Professor Svetlana Vachkova, Director of the Institute, Leading Research Fellow Ivan Klimov, Elena Petryaeva, Director of the Center for Analytical Research and Modeling in Education, and Leading Research Fellow Valentina Salakhova.

The study analyzes the opinion survey among participants in learning relationships (based on the cases of Moscow schools) on the difficulties that they faced within the learning process during the COVID-19 pandemics in spring 2020. The research is considered from a global perspective as education systems across the globe have faced the same difficulties. The transition to distance learning has revealed disadvantages to education systems in all countries and emphasized the issue of social and digital inequality among the population. The study shows how different countries have dealt with the question of maintaining access to education.

In autumn 2020, both parents and students stood for in-class learning. However, society requests for the implementation of distance learning achievements. The research concludes that new digital didactics should be developed and teachers’ qualifications have to be improved in the context of risks caused by in-class learning.

The full text of the article can be accessed from the MDPI website.