MCU experts participate in the 2022 Moscow International Education Salon

On April 29–30, the 2022 Moscow International Education Salon (MMCO 2022) will be held in blended mode.

The topic of the MMCO 2022 will be Back to the Future, and the following issues will be discussed:

  • How to arrange the teaching staff activities in the conditions of high pressure?
  • How will the development strategy of educational institutions and the education system, including the technological development, change with regard to new challenges?
  • How to provide the learning process with the laboratory equipment, chemical agents, expendable supplies, and information systems in the current conditions?
  • How can parents develop the proper relations with the school and select the distance learning without compromising the quality of education?
  • How to achieve the synergy out of the cooperation between the private and state education segments?
  • How can business and education find the common aims and combine efforts?

MCU staff members will participate in the MMCO 2022 as invited experts and session moderators. Vice Rector Dmitry Agranat will give a presentation on the topic Professional Teacher: Which Qualities Do They Have. Elena Vostorgova, Director of The Project Design Center “Start Pro”, will discuss individualization and personalization as a portal to the development of subjectivity. Mikhail Klarin, Chief Research Fellow at the Laboratory of Activity-based Education Design, will present a lecture The Subjectivity of the State and the Person. Tatiana Kovaleva, Head of the Laboratory of Individualization and Lifelong Learning, will discuss the learning content of advanced professional education: what and how teachers should be taught today. Marina Shalashova, Director of the Institute of Lifelong Learning, will give deliver a presentation Advanced Professional Education as a Center of Innovation, Research, and Scientific and Instructional Development of Education. Igor Shiyan, Deputy Director of the Research Institute of Urban Studies and Global Education, will elaborate on the professional and public discussion of the project of the Pre-School Teacher standard.

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