The “Start Pro” Project Design Center

The Center is a talent accelerator for school students aimed at providing assistance in choosing future careers and delivering most audacious projects. The laboratory and technological complex features the necessary resources: laboratories and workshops equipped with modern facilities, as well as partner agreements with business and research institutions.

The Center offers more than 70 free educational programs in diverse fields. Currently, The Center incorporates six laboratories: Laboratory of Cybernetics and Electronics, Laboratory of Natural Sciences and Biotechnology, Laboratory of Applied Engineering Competencies, Laboratory of Digital Media, Laboratory of Arts and Humanities, Laboratory of Professional Orientation and Success Technologies. School students can offer their ideas on intersubject projects: we will find a qualified teacher and provide the necessary equipment.

On the basis of the Center, teachers from Moscow and the regions of Russia improve their qualifications in such fields as design and research activities of children and the use of high-tech equipment in education. The Center provides an internship platform for teachers, undergraduate and graduate students.

Career counselling events, workshops for teaching staff and school students, roundtables, conferences, contests, and summer schools are arranged in the Center. The Center provides free and fee-based programs.

The Center is an assessment-free territory. There are no classrooms, lessons, homework, assignments, and room numbers.

We stand for joint creativity of teachers and students embodied in project activities and research works. This is a place where you learn to design tomorrow, look for options, calculate risks, plan for the future that is being born right now.