The Project Design Center “Start Pro” at the MCU’s Institute of Lifelong Learning offers group training programs for schools — “Training day at Start Pro”. High-tech equipment that allows you to work on a wide range of projects, partnerships with business representatives and research institutions create excellent opportunities for most audacious ideas, at Start Pro.

During one training day, students get acquainted with diverse laboratories at the Center, attend practical classes, take part in master classes, and take a career guidance test.

The Center incorporates six laboratories:

At the Laboratory of Cybernetics and Electronics, students are taught to see the harmony of mathematical formulas and the beauty of an ordered world. The emphasis is made on practical tasks: the study of models of robot behavior, development and delivery of algorithms for device control.

At the Laboratory of Applied Engineering Competencies, spatial thinking is developed and engineering techniques are taught: you can make a three-dimensional model and print it on a 3D printer, draft a sketch of a real airplane and cut it on a laser plotter.

The Laboratory of Digital Media reveals how to influence the audience through different channels of information perception. There, you may apply the principles of drama for story-writing, build plans correctly, and set the light while working with video and photo equipment.

The Laboratory of Natural Sciences and Biotechnologies is an interdisciplinary laboratory that unites physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, and geography. Classes develop the idea of interrelations between living organisms, the laws of physics and chemistry, encourage a conscious attitude to the environment, and reveals the advantages of the scientific worldview.

Classes at the Laboratory of Professional Orientation develop the psychological preparedness for choosing a profession based on the awareness of one’s professional and personality potential, in teenagers.

Classes at the Laboratory of Humanities and Arts develop cultural values, social skills, the integrity of perceiving the environment in children.

Classes at the Start Pro are more joint creativity of teachers and students than usual school lessons: there are no marks, homework assignments, and classrooms.

One training day may unite classes in one thematic field. 5 classes for each field are offered:


  • turnery and metalworking
  • carpentry
  • prototyping and 3D modeling
  • programming
  • engineering design


  • aircraft-design
  • electronics and communication systems
  • mechatronics
  • robotics
  • computer security (anti-virus protection, commissioning, repair)

Natural sciences:

  • laboratory chemical analysis
  • fundamentals of biotechnologies
  • laboratory physical practice
  • medicine and first aid
  • information technology in the field of natural sciences