Fee-based Activities

City Camps

The Puppet Theater

Students create their own puppet show from the beginning to the performance. Professional actors of the Moscow Regional Taganka Puppet Theater assist students to immerse themselves in the professions of a puppeteer, a doll maker, and an actor.

The Camp includes classes in

  • acting
  • making dolls
  • drafting sketches
  • stage speech
  • stage movement
  • rehearsals and the performance show

Comic-marathon (online)

The Camp includes classes in the fundamentals of making a comic book, drawing characters, creating an original story, games, and other activities.

Every student creates his comic book.

Our clubs:

WEDO (5+)

The program mostly consists of practical training: the pivotal part is the design of controlled models based on the Lego WeDo. Firstly, students develop ideas of models, plan, and then create them. Classes encourage the development of a technical mindset in students.

EV3 (12+)

Mastering the Lego EV3 program, students acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of front-end engineering design and the basics of programming. The program develops scientific and technical thinking in students and their creative potential.

Handwriting correction (12+)

The course of 8 lessons helps students not only to improve handwriting but also to find their style of fast and clear writing of letters. Students dismember the handwritten letters, learn how to write out each of them beautifully and clearly.

Photography courses for adults and teenagers

In three months, you gain the basic knowledge necessary for a great start as a photographer.

You learn what composition, subject and portrait photography are, how to expose light and process photos. As a result of the course, an exhibition is arranged in the Start Pro Center.

Classes are held in the Shooting Pavilion on Saturdays (1.5 hours). Professional photo equipment is provided.

The course is available for

  • adults
  • children from 12 years old

Mental arithmetic (5+)

Mental arithmetic is a system for the development of children’s intelligence based on learning to count fast in the mind by an unusual method. Mastering this technique, the child develops his imagination and logic, trains memory, and learns to quickly and easily cope with complex mathematical problems.

Memory course. Attention course. Speed reading course (9+)

What interferes with fast reading? How to prepare for the exam quickly? How to increase the reading speed by 5 times? The course answers these and other questions on effective brain functioning. In two weeks, you will learn effective methods and techniques of speed reading, the secret of memorizing from the first reading, quick restoration of eye performance, and restore concentration in a couple of minutes.

General development course “Three first steps” (2+)

Step 1 With my mom (2-3 years old)

Within the module “With my mom”, you will take the first steps from joint classes to the child’s independent research. You will not notice how your child will go to explore the world with great interest.

Step 2 By myself (3—5 years old)

Within the program “By myself”, the child will

  • playfully answer the questions why, what for, and how
  • learns to communicate and interact with people around
  • get acquainted with letters and syllables
  • learn to count
Step 3 I study by myself (5—7 years old)

Within the program “I study by myself”, a future school student will be introduced to the world of school knowledge:

  • learns to read
  • gets to know a lot of poems
  • takes first lessons in writing (development of graphomotor skills)
  • learns to communicate and interact with people around
  • counts and solves the first problems
  • solves logical problems and thinks critically