MCU at the V International Municipal BRICS+ Forum

Such employees of the Department of IT, Management and Technology of the Institute of Digital Education, as Professor Sergey Grigoriev and his graduate students, Associate Professor Dmitry Abushkin, took part in the Roundtable discussion “Revival of Mentoring: from School Interest to Professional Recognition“, held within the framework of the V International Municipal BRICS+ Forum. The forum was held on November 9-10 at Expoforum, St. Petersburg.

Sergey Grigoriev gave a speech on the history of mentoring, while Dmitry Abushkin spoke about the role of mentoring in the training of modern teachers.

One of the delegation members was an Assistant of the Department of Education Informatisation Vilen Mnatsakanyan, who also delivered a report on the following theme: Mentoring Models in IT Development.

The report discussed both the generally accepted norms of mentoring and the role of a mentor in education, as well as the analysis of personal experience in this sphere. Mentoring is an important component for the successful self-realisation of a learner.

An experienced and qualified mentor depends on the development and application of his/her understudy’s professional skills through the transfer of personal experience and knowledge based on a deep understanding of his/her area of expertise.

Thanks to the active discussion of this topic, the participants exchanged opinions and experiences, which will have a positive impact on the effectiveness and development of mentoring in education.

Photo: V International Municipal BRICS+ Forum