Hybrid learning — New pedagogy for higher education

On December 16, The Graduate School of Management (GSOM) at St. Petersburg University will hold the open webinar “Hybrid learning — New pedagogy for higher education” in partnership with VTB Bank and Moscow City University.

Olga Alkanova, Senior Lecturer at the GSOM Department of Marketing, and Alexander Bayzarov, Advisory to Deputy Director of VTB Bank, will be the key speakers of the webinar.

Kirill Barannikov, MCU Vice-Rector for Strategy, and Natalia Strikun, Head of the Laboratory of Education Policy Research at the MCU’s Department of Strategic Development, will participate in the webinar as experts.

The speakers will present the interim results of a study on the hybrid learning models:

  • What is hybrid learning and why it should be implemented in education;
  • How to build the process of implementation through the methodology of design thinking;
  • How teaching staff in universities of the world design and give hybrid classes.