Translation of the year by the Laboratory of Child Development

In December 2018 a translation of the book ‘Dialectical Thinking and Adult Development’ by Michael Basseches was published in Russia with support of the Laboratory of Child Development.

The translation of the book is a collaborative project of MCU and the publishing house ‘Mosaica-Synthesis’.

Michael Basseches is Doctor of Psychology, Professor at Suffolk University, Boston, and University of Lisboa, Portugal, and practising psychotherapist. He is one of the major international researchers of dialectical thinking and adult development and author of several books.

The project started when Anastasia Belolutskaya, senior researcher at the Laboratory of Child Development, wrote to Professor Basseches after reading one of his articles. The correspondence segued into participating in the Annual Symposium of the European Society for Research in Adult Development where Professor Basseches was a key speaker.

The dialoge between the MCU team and Professor Basseches continued at the First and Second Symposiums on Dialectical Thinking that were conducted at MCU (2017) and University of Greenwich (2018). The next Symposium will be held in Moscow at the 16th European Congress of Psychology in July 2019.

The book was brilliantly translated by Anastasia Krivoshanova, a long-standing partner of the Laboratory of Child Development. The preface to the book was written by Nikolay Veraksa, Chief Research Fellow of the Laboratory. The editors include Nikolay Veraksa, Anastasia Belolotskaya, Evgeniy Krashennikov and Igor Shiyan.