The MCU’s Institute of Foreign Languages has become part of the virtual exchange program “Tennessee State University – Moscow City University”

American Councils for International Education has selected the proposal submitted by Professor Natalia Mukhina, Senior Lecturer, Department of Teaching English and Business Communication at the MCU’s Institute of Foreign Languages, and Mr. Engin Ayvaz, Director of the Intensive English Center at Tennessee State University (TSU).

The success rate was around 20% within the grant cycle. MCU has become one of seven Russian universities that have been selected for the program.

Professor Mukhina and Mr. Ayvaz have designed a project “Virtual Collaborative Lesson Planning and Delivery to Promote Reflective Practice in English Language Teaching.” The project is to be carried out between April 2021 and August 2021.

Within the scope of U.S.—Russia Virtual University Partnerships (UniVIP) Small Grants, MCU and TSU aim to achieve the following goals: teachers-in-training in both countries will develop an understanding of the context in which their peers are practicing; appreciate their issues, challenges as well as successes and develop lifelong cross-cultural relationships. The purpose of this collaboration is to bring graduate level teachers-in-training from partner institutions for a virtual collaborative experience with the following intended outcomes:

  • Create a forum for faculty and students from partner institutions to benefit from each other’s expertise and experience
  • Instill a culture of continuous professional development by nurturing reflective practice and experiential learning
  • Contribute to the development of intercultural communication and cross-cultural understanding in partnering institutions.

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