The 4th Annual International Symposium Education and City: Day 3

The final day of the 4th Annual Symposium “Education and City: Quality Education for Modern Cities” featured a battle, three sessions, a workshop and a roundtable discussion.

MCU’s master’s students gathered for a battle “Design, architecture and pedagogy in urban environment” and shared their findings on the topic of urban educational infrastructure: in what way architecture, design and pedagogy manifest themselves and how all these three components are interconnected.

The keynote speakers were Elena Volkova, Alexander Bystrov, Anton Agapov (MCU, Russia).

Elena Ivanova, head of the Laboratory of Educational Infrastructures at the MCU’s Research Institute of Urban Studies and Global Education, was moderating the battle.

The session “Education for Sustainable Development: Kindergarten – University – City” included seven reports concerning the development of childhood education in a modern city.

The speakers from Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, Russia, Poland and the U.K. discussed the social and economic conditions for early childhood education, the role of heritage in upbringing and educating conscientious citizens, and the development of kindergarten’s learning environment.

Anton Agapov (MCU, Russia) and Tatiana Mysina (Russia) held a workshop dedicated to the issue of university assessment within the framework of newly-established standards of professional activity.

Tatiana Sobolevskaya (Russia), Irina Ryabova (Russia), Alexander Popov (Russia), Pavel Glukhov (Russia) and Andrey Koptelov (the U.S.) discussed teacher training and the methods of professional development in an urban context.

The roundtable discussion “A Learning Event: from a Walk to a Festival” was moderated by Ekaterina Asonova, head of the Laboratory of Socio-cultural Educational Practices. The speakers discussed the phenomenon of arranging learning events in an urban context and presented some activities enacted in the urban environment.

The specialists of the Laboratory of Professional Competence Assessment and Adult Development and invited international guests gathered within the framework of the roundtable discussion “Newly-employed Teacher in a Megapolis: Challenges and Priorities of Development”. The speakers featured the role of mentoring in the process of training newly-employed teachers, the prospects of creating an application for teaching Maths.

Vardigul Mkrtchyan (Russia) and Grigory Gurin (Russia) presented the online mentoring guide “Check&Connect” which reflected the main ideas of mentoring from an overview of international practices.

Anastasia Belolutskaya was moderating the discussion.

Full programme of the Symposium’s events is available here.