SberEducation and MCU will jointly implement educational projects

SberEducation and Moscow City University (MCU), the first university to introduce AI rules in education, will collaborate on projects related to digital technology implementation in educational programmes. The agreement was signed at the Moscow International Education Fair by Igor Remorenko, MCU Rector, and Vladislav Kozhemyakin, Director of SberEducation platform.

Pedagogical universities prioritise training future specialists in the digital transformation of education. For instance, teaching algorithm basics and data analysis enhances understanding of modern information systems and prepares students for future professional roles. AI technologies are already automating repetitive tasks.

Igor Remorenko, MCU Rector

Under this agreement, we will collaborate on a project aimed at assessing students’ competencies and developing personalised development plans for them. This project focuses on artificial intelligence technologies to analyse video and audio recordings of trial training sessions. It is designed to complement, not replace, the traditional expert analysis of training sessions. We strongly believe that our cooperation has a long-term vision and aims to create innovative products and tools that will benefit the entire educational community.

Vladislav Kozhemyakin, Director of SberEducation platform

We highly value our collaboration with pedagogical universities and are pleased to witness their enthusiasm for integrating artificial intelligence technologies in education. The exchange of expertise enables us to make new breakthroughs at the intersection of specialised practical knowledge, skills, and technologies. Our partnership is focused on developing innovative approaches for implemeting modern technologies and inspiring talented young individuals to join this field.

Photo: MCU