Professor Otaviano Canuto on global economics after COVID-19

On October 29, Professor Otaviano Canuto,  executive director at the Board of the International Monetary Fund for Latin American Countries, spoke at MCU on the impact of the pandemic on the global economy.

More than 200 students, teachers and researchers as well as participants from the UK and other countries joined the webinar to learn about the current global economic situation, the possible ways of recovery from the crisis, and the future of the labour market. In simple words, Professor Canuto explained about the trends in interest rates, the amount of GDP of advanced and growing economies, as well fiscal countermeasures taken by different countries. Professor gave an outline of the New Normal after the pandemic from the economic point of view and offered recommendations to students and teachers on economic behavior in the new conditions.

The topic of the discussion received a vibrant response from audience. At the Q&A session, the participants asked questions on the economic situation in Russia, the employment prospects for students, as well as other economic and politics-related questions. To ensure smooth understanding among international participants, the webinar was conducted in both English and Russian with language support by International Relations’ specialist Natalia Ageeva.

The webinar was organised by the Global Initiatives & Solutions represented by Director Margaret Gouskov Walsh, the MCU’s Institute of Law and Management and the International Relations Department.

Professor Canuto is senior fellow at the Policy Center for the New South, a non-resident senior fellow at Brookings Institution, a visiting public policy fellow at ILAS-Columbia, and principal at the Center for Macroeconomics and Development

Full presentation of the webinar is available here.