Open lecture: the Family Names of the United Kingdom project

On September 19, Professor Richard Coates, a renowned researcher, linguist, and expert of onomastics from University of the West of England will hold a lecture dedicated to The Family Names of the United Kingdom (FaNUK) project: retrospect and prospect.

Professor’s academic interests lie in the fields of proper names, historical linguistics in general, the philology of the Germanic, Romance and Celtic languages. He has written books on the names of the Channel Islands, the local place-names of St Kilda, Hampshire and Sussex, the dialect of Sussex, as well as over 500 academic articles, notes, and collections on related topics. His main contribution to linguistic theory is The Pragmatic Theory of Properhood, set out in a number of articles since 2000.

Professor will talk on the following issues

  • Some reflections on the process of creating The Family Names of the United Kingdom (FaNUK) project database and The Oxford dictionary of Family Names in Britain and Ireland (ODFaNBI);
  • Assessment of methodological and factual advances that have been achieved by the research and an outline of some possible directions for future work
  • Comments on the origin of many surnames
  • Discussion of some choice specimens illustrating either philological or methodological novelties

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Assembly hall, 5B Malyj Kazennyj pereulok, Moscow.