Open lecture by Professor Adnan Taşgin, Atatürk University

On November 27, the Institute of System Projects invites anyone interested to attend an open lecture by Professor Adnan Taşgin, research fellow at the Faculty of Education, Atatürk University. Professor is engaged in research regarding curriculum development, teacher education, and professional knowledge and skills required from teachers in 21st century.

The lecture titled “Alternative Assessment and Evaluation” will touch such topics as alternative and traditional assessment, performance and authentic assessment, assessment of teachers’ projects and portfolios.

Professor Taşgin is the author of many scientific articles published in English on development of assessment scales, effective participation and motivation of students, prospective teacher’s perspectives, etc.

The lecture will be held in English.

Date: November 27, 17.00 — 19.00.

Address: 8 Sadovaya-Samotechnaya Street, Moscow, Room 28