Moscow Student DATA Hackathon has reached its conclusion at MCU

The 3rd Moscow Student DATA Hackathon, which brought together teams from 12 Russian universities, has successfully concluded at Moscow City University.

Over 25 applications were received, and 17 teams from various cities including Moscow, Arkhangelsk, Barnaul, Kyzyl, Maykop, and Chelyabinsk qualified for the event. The participating teams comprised both experienced participants and newcomers to large-scale competitions in the field of data analysis. The team sizes varied, as the Hackathon allowed teams of two to five members. Despite these differences, the Hackathon proved to be an interesting and valuable experience for all participants.

In his opening remarks, Igor Remorenko, the Chairman of the Organising Committee and Rector of MCU, highlighted the unique opportunity for participants to connect with like-minded individuals and collaborate with enthusiasts in the popular field of big data analytics. He emphasised that the Hackathon provided a platform for participants to showcase their skills in working with real data and offer innovative solutions.


The students demonstrated a remarkable level of proficiency in data tools, as acknowledged by the Expert Jury members. The competition was intense yet maintained a friendly atmosphere, thanks to the support of both the organisers and the participants themselves.

Ekaterina Lavrenova, Director of MCU’s Institute of Digital Education, shared her impressions:

Every year we see how not only the geography of the Hackathon is growing, but also the level of training of students participating in the competition. The teams did a great job and demonstrated worthy projects. I would also like to thank the jury members who acted as developers of interesting and informative competitive tasks. We hope that the experience of solving such tasks, as well as the experience of participating in the Hackathon, was useful for each participant, and the skills of well-coordinated teamwork and solving the task in a short period of time will definitely be useful in further professional career.

Viktor Evsikov (CITiS) noticed:

You have been working with real data that analysts of large companies face on a daily basis. All the teams had excellent and interesting solutions, and it is important that the students used not only basic data tools, but also tried something new for themselves. Thank you very much for the event, it was very nice to take part in it both as a developer of the task and as a member of the Expert Jury.

Igor Moiseev (ARENA DOTA) also shared his impressions about the Hackathon and getting to know the contest participants: Igor Geraldovich expressed special gratitude to the students who traveled thousands of kilometers and came from different parts of Russia for this holiday of big data and science, wished the contestants to build a successful career, further scientific, creative and professional success.

Last year, our colleagues from the company took part only in the work of the Expert Jury, and this year they decided to present their task. It was a very interesting experience.

Boris Yarmakhov, Associate Professor of the Department of Informatization of Education at MCU’s Institute of Digital Education, noted another member of the jury:

The hackathon of 2024 showed how important teamwork is. In a team in which it is possible to reach consensus, to organize interaction between the participants, a good result is obtained

The expert jury faced a challenging task of determining the competition winners as many teams performed exceptionally well. The organizers were surprised when the experts decided to award first place to two teams simultaneously. However, there was only one traditional symbolic prize, a T-shirt with the MCU Rector’s signature. Remarkably, for the first time, this prize remained within the MCU community as both winning teams were from MCU’s Institute of Digital Education. The teams included “Fellow students” with members Polina Tyapkina, Polina Malchevskaya, Anna Mukhanova, Ivan Cherenkov, and Marina Sokolova, guided by graduate student Dmitry Kudryashov, and “Analytics Aficionados” consisting of Maria Gutnikova, Sabina Jamalova, Victoria Mokretsova, Galina Sachkova, and Danil Semenyachenko, supervised by undergraduate Pavel Grigoriev.

The “Data dream team” representing MCU took the third-place position. Additionally, the FRAM teams from the State University of Management and the ASU TEAM from Altai State University received special prizes from partners Loginom and ArenaData, respectively.


Congratulations to our students and a big thank you to Yuri Frolov and Timur Bosenko from the Department of Informatics, Management, and Technology for their excellent training.

The third team from the Institute of Digital Education performed exceptionally well, and we hope to see equally impressive results from all teams next year!