Moscow Education for Global Market: formats, technologies, partnerships

On May 13, Moscow City University participated in the strategic session on “Moscow Education for the Global Market: Formats, Technologies, Partnerships”. Daria Milyaeva, Head of the International Relations Department, has represented MCU. The participants of the meeting have shared their experience in recruiting and teaching international students, discussed the results of the survey on international students’ opinions, and recommendations based on the results. International students at 27 Moscow universities have answered the questionnaire, including MCU, MGIMO-University, the Higher School of Economics, Financial University.

The results of the survey reveal that international students enroll in programs in the field of study in which they have interests and abilities. Most of them study at Bachelor’s degree programs in Engineering and Medicine, in Russian. According to their estimates, international students successfully study and spend a significant part of their time preparing for classes. Education is equally provided for international students in fee-based and state-funded formats.

International students choose Moscow universities for the high quality of education and influence. They consider their universities to be world-class and high-level, and the education they receive meets their expectations. International students also mention broad career prospects in their field of study after graduation, among the advantages of education. About half of international students want to try starting their own business in Russia.

Based on the results of the survey, recommendations were developed to improve the competitiveness and attractiveness of Moscow education for foreigners. They include the development and delivery of online education and digital educational technologies (EdTech), bringing educational programs in line with international standards, and increasing the number of programs in foreign languages. Moscow universities are also encouraged to actively exploit the city’s brand as a means of attracting attention.