MCU takes 16th place in the Quality of Admissions Ranking 2021

Moscow City University has strengthened its position in the Quality of Admissions Ranking 2021 and remained the only teacher training university in Russia with the highest scores of admitted students.

The Quality of Admissions Ranking is calculated annually by the Institute of Education at HSE University and features the results of monitoring the admission scores of prospective students for state-funded and fee-based tuition at Russia’s universities. In 2021, the Ranking included a total of 838 universities: 404 state universities, 345 branches, and 89 non-state universities.

Moscow City University is the only teacher training university that entered Top-25 universities for state-funded admissions, rising from 20th place to 16th in 2021. The average score of students enrolled in MCU’s state-funded programs increased from 85.5 to 87.2.

The average admission score on the Unified State Examinations confirms a very high standard of student knowledge: 50% of students enrolled in state-funded programs have finished school with an honours diploma, while over 25% of students have advanced knowledge in the study fields of their interest.

The monitoring of admission quality in Russia’s universities has been conducted since 2010 and serves an important indicator of specifics of newly-enrolled students and the reputation of universities. The monitoring allows student applicants to choose reasonably among the universities and training programs.

The enrollment campaign 2021 is the second during the pandemic when student applicants have become used to the new formats of teaching and learning. For this reason, transparency, focus on the current and prospective students, easy access to information are crucial for gaining the applicants’ trust.