MCU ranked best among the Russia’s teachers’ training universities

This week, the Higher School of Economics reported on the quality of admission at universities in 2020. Moscow City University leads the ranking of the Russia’s teachers’ training universities. MCU strengthens its position among the Russia’s universities with the highest admission quality – the average admission score for the state-funded tuition at MCU is 85.5 points in 2020 which is 2.9 points higher than the previous year.

Main trends of the 2020 enrollment campaign

Overall enrollment has remained at the  level of 497 000 students. However, the proportion of the state-funded and the fee-paying tuition students has changed, with 64% and 36% respectively, compared to the last year’s 60% and 40%.

The earlier trends are continuing, with the improvement of overall admission quality at Russian universities. The share of enrolled applicants with A-grades (who scored higher than 70 on the Unified State Exam) keeps growing. It has reached 54% among all of the state-funded tuition students. Among them, the share of A+ grade freshmen, who have scored 80 points and higher, grows significantly.