MCU students writing haiku in French

MCU students majoring in French have successfully participated in the Haiku Poetic Competition. The initiative has been launched by Une Fédération D’associations Au Service De Tous Les Enseignants De Français (FIPF) for the Annual Week of Francophonie. The original idea of the event uniting various languages and cultures belonged to Daniël Leroy, Head of the Professeurs de français en Flandre (PROFFF), Belgium. From the MCU’s side the competition has been arranged by Professor Svetlana Mikhailova at the Department of French Language and Language Education.
More than 2,000 participants from 16 countires (Albania, Belgium, Belarus, Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Iran, Norway, Portugal, Congo, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, France) wrote poems for the competition.
Russia was represented by the 1st year Master’s students of the MCU’s Institute of Foreign Languages. Students wrote haiku about France, the country that they are genuinely interested in. Evgeny Tsarev and Daria Gogol have been ranked in the Top-10 of the B2-C2 language proficiency category. Raisa Kosareva has received the main prize in this category, which included books by the CLE International and a scholarship for an online course by Francophonia.

Enjoy the beautiful haiku!

Raisa Kosareva
Un verre de vin rouge,
Je rêve de cet espace vert…
Débauche de couleurs.
Evgeny Tsarev
Le marché des arbres
La nuit. Partout des sapins.
Que je suis ravi.
Daria Gogol
Richesse, côte d’Azur,
Mouette blanche regarde la mer…
Il pleut dans la rue.