MCU students will assist Moscow’s teachers during their internship

In October 2020, 3000 MCU students will start their teaching internships at Moscow’s schools. Students will work as remote assistants for teachers and tutors for school students: they will stay at school to support those teachers who work from their homes in arranging online lessons. The demand for such assistance has risen due to the fact that more than 8000 Moscow’s teachers have been transferred to the distant working mode because of senior age or chronic diseases. Students majoring in teaching and psychology will be allocated to schools after having passed health check-ups.

Students whose majors correspond to the subjects taught by teachers will be able to support school students in solving subject tasks, as well as tasks that are difficult to fulfill in the online mode, such as research and experimental work, practical tasks. Students majoring in psychology will assist teachers in developing relationships within class, observing student performance and evaluating learning outcomes, as well as in finding together with teachers collaborative solutions on arranging individual work in class, supporting students who experience learning challenges by providing individual counseling.

Vice-Rector for academic affairs Dmitry Agranat commented the new format of student internship in the TV programme Morning in Russia.