MCU students participate in exchange program at Tianjin Foreign Studies University

In October—November 2021, 62 students of the MCU’s Institute of Foreign Languages participate in an exchange program in the Chinese language and culture at Tianjin Foreign Studies University (TFSU).

Ten hours a week, students learn Chinese grammar and vocabulary as well as discuss the issues of modern China and carry out a comparative analysis of concepts in Russia and China with leading native-speaking professors. Besides, the exchange program provides training in business vocabulary and etiquette that will be useful at business meetings and negotiations. Professor Li Mengya points out the questions important and challenging for pre-service translators and interpreters at classes of Russian-Chinese translation.

The results of a survey among the participants of the program show that 98.4% of the students will apply the knowledge and skills gained during the internship, in practice. 75.8% of the respondents are satisfied with all the aspects of the exchange program. 98.4% have broadened their knowledge about Chinese culture, and 93.6% have improved their proficiency in the Chinese language.

The students shared their impressions on the exchange program:

Classes are very engaging and productive. We lose the track of time.

The TFSU teaching staff highlights the high level of proficiency among MCU students, their responsibility, punctuality, and willingness to acquire new knowledge.

MCU appreciates and broadens the partnership with TFSU, and will launch online programs in the future.