MCU students received grants of the President of Russia

Four MCU students have been awarded grants of the President of the Russian Federation by the “Talent and Success” Educational Foundation. The grants aim to support individuals who have shown outstanding abilities and represented high achievements in various fields, including science, art, and sports.

In 2021, the grants were given to the following MCU students:

  • Vyacheslav Lomakin, 1st-year student, Institute of Foreign Languages;
  • Yulia Mishina, 1st-year student, Institute of Humanities;
  • Margarita Milovanova, 1st-year Master’s degree student, Institute of Humanities;
  • Ilya Suslov, 1st-year Master’s degree student, Institute of Law and Management.

The awardees shared their emotions and thoughts about receiving the grants.

Vyacheslav Lomakin, a prize winner of the All-Russian School Olympiad in English:

It took me three times to become a prize-winner of the All-Russian Olympiad. And it allowed me to get enrolled in MCU. By my third Olympiad, I knew English perfectly. I started to learn the language at school as many school students and then started to surf the English-speaking part of the Internet. Movies and TV series in the original language, international social networks, as well as chatting with foreigners helped me to reach my current level of language proficiency.

Websites with student reviews helped me to decide on the university to enter. Having read them, I realized that MCU is the best option for me. The fact that MCU was named Russia’s best teacher training university in 2020 also played a big role. And the department I was going to enter impressed me very much. My only and main skill was English, and the training program “Theory and Practice of Cross-Cultural Communication” seemed to allow me to make full use of the knowledge I had acquired over many years. When I entered MCU, I learned about the great opportunities to participate in many other language contests and Olympiads. And I am going to continue trying my luck in such language competitions. Now as a student of Moscow City University!

Margarita Milovanova, a prize winner of the 4th “Young Professionals” (WorldSkills Russia) National University Competition Final:

I got interested in the WorldSkills Championship in the second year of my Bachelor’s degree at MCU. Then I started to prepare for the Championship with the professors Anastasia Polovnikova, Andrey Sorokin, and Natalia Zvonareva from the Department of Methods of Teaching History, Social Studies, and Law at MCU. It seemed interesting to me to participate, as it was an opportunity to test my knowledge, learn new things, and discover my talents. In the fifth year of my Bachelor’s degree, I won the university stage and reached the All-Russian university stage, where I became a prize-winner. Now, studying for my master’s degree at my favorite MCU, I have become more interested in the scientific field. I would like to continue improving my formulation of thought and academic writing. And I am going to continue participating in professional competitions. As I am engaged in improving myself, discovering new, I will continue to participate in other, now teaching, competitions.

Ilya Suslov, the winner of the 44th All-Russian Contest of Research, Invention, and Creative Works “Youth, Science, Culture”:

When I studied for my Bachelor’s degree, I liked participating in competitions and Olympiads. The participation and intellectual activity helped me look at my work and knowledge from a different angle, as well as gain invaluable experience, new ideas, and expertise. Having received my Bachelor’s degree, I decided to continue my intellectual development and enter a Master’s degree program. I chose MCU as it is one of the best teacher training universities in Russia. MCU offers many Master’s degree programs, and I chose the one that fully corresponds to my interests and allows me, in my opinion, to fulfill my potential entirely. Such a prestigious university provides you not only with advanced experience and knowledge but also allows you to fulfill yourself in science. Now, being an MCU student, I want to develop my Master’s thesis. It focuses on the digital economy and the digitalization of education. I am interested in the impact of the digital learning environment on improving the quality of education and the efficiency of educational institutions. I would like to participate not only in prestigious competitions in Russia but also worldwide where I will be able to fully demonstrate my knowledge acquired at Moscow City University.

Since 2018, 14 students awarded with grants of the President of the Russian Federation have been enrolled in Moscow City University.