MCU signed agreement with Far Eastern Federal University

Moscow City University has signed an agreement on cooperation with Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU). The cooperation is aimed at developing academic, cultural, and scientific relations and ensuring high quality of professional training. The agreement is signed by MCU Vice Rector Kirill Barannikov and Oksana Martynenko, FEFU Vice President for Academic Affairs and Upbringing.

The cooperation includes two basic directions. Within the 1st direction, MCU and FEFU will jointly develop an ecosystem of technological entrepreneurship and deliver the Startup as a Thesis program. At the program, graduates will complete theses as business projects to show their preparedness for independent professional activities and development of their competencies. Kirill Barannikov commented on the project:

It may seem unexpected for a teacher training university, but the EdTech market is shaping the future of education, and we cannot be impartial. That is why we have started the delivery of practices of the “Startup as a Thesis” program at Moscow City University. It was important for us to find a strong partner as Far Eastern Federal University. They are one of the leaders and pioneers of this federal initiative. And the cooperation with the partners is valuable for us in both experience exchange and search for new models of developing student entrepreneurship in the humanities field.

The 2nd direction of the cooperation is the organization of joint scientific and educational events within the Priority 2030 and Priority 2030. Far East programs, which include conferences, lectures, courses, training programs and modules.

Oksana Martynenko shared her opinion on the cooperation between MCU and FEFU:

MCU is one of the leaders of teacher training in Russia. We have agreed on several directions of cooperation. Firstly, it is joint activities with universities and schools in the Far East region for the development of the local education system. Secondly, MCU participation in the “Startup as a Thesis” project will allow us to launch a new track in the development of EdTech business projects, which is one of the dynamically growing fields now. MCU will also join as a methodological partner in the network university course “School Communities”, which is delivered by FEFU and the Rybakov Foundation at 38 universities of Russia and the CIS countries.