MCU researcher at the international exhibition of architecture and design

On June 8–11, Gostiny Dvor hosted the 27th International Exhibition of Architecture and Design Arch Moscow. Sustainability has become the focus of the 2022 exhibition, which has been reconsidered from the perspective of the new reality.

On June 11, Irina Vinogradova, Leading Research Fellow of the Laboratory of Educational Infrastructures at the MCU’s Research Institute of Urban Studies and Global Education, acted as a speaker in the roundtable session Developing Urban Environment for Children: To Be or Not To Be in New Realia.

The roundtable session has become a discussion platform for specialists in many fields, who are interested in developing an urban environment for children. Psychologists, architects, designers, developers, and urbanists have expressed their opinions on the issues and opportunities of creating spaces for children in the city.

Irina Vinogradova has elaborated on the city’s role in child development, “children’s right to the city,” and young citizens’ possibilities to create and improve the urban environment. Besides, Irina Vinogradova has discussed the question of high-quality methods of studying the urban environment and their necessity for defining basic tracks of city-building policy, addressed to children.