MCU experts to hold a workshop “Teacher as a psychologyst of student communities”

On November 11, MCU experts will present an online workshop “Teacher as a psychologist of student communities” as part of the international conference of the Erasmus+ project “Out of the Net”. “Out of the Net” is a Strategic Partnership that aims at preventing early school leaving through a new pedagogical methodology developed on strong and innovative socio-psycho-pedagogical bases to tackle a new facing problem in the society: the Hikikomori syndrome.

The participants of the workshop will be introduced to the innovative systemic approach to professional retraining of classroom teachers for the first time introduced in Moscow’s schools in 2020 by Moscow City University. At the workshop you will learn the best teaching practices successfully applied in Moscow’s and regional schools and educational centers within the following topics:

  • Contemporary childhood: context, special aspects, challenges and aspirations
  • Design and development of a comfortable and safe learning environment
  • Coordinating activities of key educational stakeholders
  • A child in class: formats and technologies of working with a student community
  • Academic and life achievements of students of different categories 

The workshop will be held by Roman Komarov, Associate Professor at the Directorate of Educational Programmes, Daria Komarova, Head of the Laboratory of Professional Orientation and Success Technologies, Elena Aksanova, Director of the Center of Alternative Education “Klever”, Lola Dzhalalova, teacher of Fine Arts and extended learning at the Moscow’s School No 1797, Rita Bikeeva, English teacher at the Moscow’s School No 2009, who are also Master’s students enrolled in the MCU’s programme “Cultivating youth’s talents”.

“Out of the Net” aims to prevent social withdrawal of school students through a socio-psycho-pedagogical method promoting real-life group interactions, creating a relational environment in which everyone can express their personal potentialities and empower social skills. Through the project’s activities, the students will tackle the emotional, communicative and behavior problems that could lead to early school leaving and develop transversal competencies, knowledge and attitudes that will help them in achieving better academic results.

The project is delivered by an international consortium of educational institutions, including schools, universities, and research centers of Poland, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Russia.

The workshop will be held in English and Russian.

The event is open to all participants. Please register to join the event.