MCU enters the ranking of Moscow’s best universities according to

The analysts of the headhunting website published the annual ranking of best Moscow’s universities based on the employer and alumni databases. The ranking included 9 professional spheres that featured the fullest data including over 1100 CVs and over 20000 job offers in Moscow. The figures validate the demand for experts within these professional spheres, according to the portal’s analysts.

The hh. ru Ranking 2020-2021 includes the following  professional spheres:

  • IT (14th position – the MCU’s Institute of Digital Education
  • Law (11th position – the MCU’s Institute of Law and Management
  • Economics and Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing communications (10th position – the MCU’s Institute of  Humanities)
  • Medicine
  • Journalism
  • Tourism and hotel management
  • Construction and architecture

The methodology of the ranking was founded on the data featuring the demand for alumni who graduated in 2020-2021 from various faculties and departments of Moscow’s universities and uploaded their CVs on Universities and faculties were included in the ranking based on the user engagement level of their alumni and the details of uploaded CVs.

The experts evaluated the actual demand for alumni by analyzing the candidates’ and employers’ activities on the platform such as providing correct and full details on the CVs (for example, specifying the correct name of one’s alma mater), inviting for job interviews, as well as the offered salaries compared to the market level). For more on the ranking methodology please visit the Ranking page on