MCU celebrates its 25th anniversary

In 2020 Moscow City University celebrates its 25th anniversary.

During the last 25 years MCU has become a large state research center specialized in education quality, content development and evaluation. Today MCU is an important policymaker involved in shaping strategies for general education in Russia.

MCU Rector Igor Remorenko says

What it feels like being 25 for a university? It is almost the same as for a person. At this age we are proactive and motivated, interested in everything that is new and innovative. MCU is able to view the world as young people do. And young people are those who will shape our future. Although 25 years is a very young age for a university, we have managed to do a lot. We have proven that it is up-to-date, prestigious and highly demanded to be a teacher in the 21st century.

Moscow City University was established in 1995 by the Moscow’s Government in order to train qualified teachers for metropolitan schools who had been in high demand at that time. During its first year, 1300 students enrolled at 8 university faculties. From the start MCU has exercised a differential principle in education offering training programs tailored to the needs of educational institutions who will employ MCU graduates. Other key principles include practice-oriented learning and ability to respond to the needs of the city and social sector.

Since 2016, MCU is the list of top Russian universities with the highest rate of admissions quality. MCU was the first among teacher training universities with the average admissions score of its students rising over 80 points. The Forbes included MCU in the list of 100 Russian universities contributing to education of the country’s elite. MCU has established endowment and launched projects to digitize its teaching and learning practices. One of the university’s main priorities includes research initiatives resulting in solutions that drive the educational system and social sector in Russia.

In 2019 MCU entered the list of top-28 universities with the highest admissions rates. The number of applicants for its teachers’ training programs has achieved 20 applicants per place.

Today MCU is a proactive educational and research institution providing theoretical basis and practical solutions for all levels of education in Russia.