MCU at the Education University of Hong Kong

President Lee John Chi-Kin and Project Manager Donny Siu of the Education University of Hong Kong met with representatives of Moscow City University – Igor Remorenko, MCU Rector, and Daria Milyaeva, the Head of the International Relations Department.

The Education University of Hong Kong, founded in 1994, is a leading institution in China in the field of education and pedagogy. The institution is highly ranked in the QS World University Rankings, and more than 99% of its academic staff hold doctoral degrees (including specialists from 21 countries).

During the meeting, the prospects for the development of cooperation between the universities of the two countries were discussed. MCU told the representatives of the Education University of Hong Kong about its achievements, as well as the development strategy and innovations of the university created in recent years: the innovative system “Computer Vision”, simulator-trainers for teachers and principals, the “Substitute Teacher” programme, hybrid classrooms, and others. In turn, foreign colleagues demonstrated their successes in the field of education and science, educational programmes, and the structure of the institution. For example, the university has 3 research centers: the Analytical Research Centre, the Hong Kong Research Academy, Asia-Pacific Leadership and Change Centre of the Joseph Lau Leung Hun Charitable Foundation. The University’s successes in the international arena were also noted: in 2023, the Education University of Hong Kong received 7 awards at the Innovation Fair in Geneva. After the meeting, the MCU delegation was invited for a tour of the campus. Rector Igor Remorenko and Head of the International Relations Department Darya Milyaeva got acquainted with the university infrastructure, its research and educational centers, library, and museum.

As a result of the discussions, the Education University of Hong Kong and MCU expressed their interest in establishing partnerships and exchanging experiences in education and pedagogy and emphasised the importance of developing international ties and cooperative research projects that can benefit both sides. The two universities agreed to jointly participate in international academic activities in the future and make efforts to promote education, research, and academic exchange to open up new opportunities for students and faculty members of the institutions and promote the exchange of experiences and cultural values.