MCU arranged an international conference on preschool education

On September 24—25, 2021, the MCU’s Zelenograd Department — Institute of Business Administration organized and held the 2nd Moscow International Scientific and Practical Conference “Educator’s Competencies – a Condition for the Future Skills Development in the Early Childhood Education (the pre-school level)“. The conference brought together 7000 researchers, practitioners, and designers in the field of preschool education from Russia, Ukraine, Belorus, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Israel, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam.

In his welcoming speech, MCU Rector Igor Remorenko underscored the urgency of the topic of education in the future, starting with preschool education, and pointed out the importance of the dialog between generations. Rector recalled the preceding views on the future of children and promoted the discussion on the trends defining the future. At the plenary session, speakers and participants focused on the development of future-oriented preschool education.

The tracks of the conference continued to elaborate on the raised issues. The participants of the track “Teacher of preschool education – transformation of professional training” suggested new approaches to advanced training for modern teachers and addressed the technologies of professional training considering the new sociocultural situation and the emergence of a new type of childhood. The track “STEAMS practice in preschool education as a condition for the development of future skills” concerned the integration of technological, digital, and humanities practices and the innovative technologies of STEM, STEAM и STEAMS approaches.

The track “Modern educational technological solutions: collaborations of developers and practitioners of preschool education” shed light on the influence of collaborations of designers of educational solutions in the field of preschool education on the developmental environment in kindergartens. The track “Integration of physical and intellectual activity of preschoolers” focused on the question of the balance between classic approaches and innovative methods of preschool students’ physical development. The speakers of the track “Inclusive practices in preschool education” shared practical experience in introducing inclusive technologies to work with preschool children and theoretical views on the role of inclusive communities.

See the program of the conference in the information letter.