Lilian Galvan: Art and Culture in Peru

A round table “Network practices in the development of school theater” under the leadership of Tatiana Klimova, Senior Lecturer at the Directorate of Educational Programs of MCU, within the VI Annual International Symposium «Education and City» was held on May 19, 2023. Among the first, a report on the topic “Theater Pedagogy in Peru: Interaction of Various Regions and Educational Institutions. Strategies and Initiatives of Local Communities and Public Administration” was delivered by Liliana Galvan, Bachelor of Educational Psychology at Cayetano Heredia University (Lima, Peru) and Art educator in Drama/Theatre. The speaker dwelt on how the educational program “Art and Culture” was implemented in Peru and how to encourage the population to study the influence of the field of arts and the national features of the country.

For more than a year, Liliana Galvan and other specialists from Peru have been developing an educational program that would develop art teaching at the regional, national and international levels. The program involves mastering 11 competencies. One of them is the student’s ability to appreciate “artistic and cultural manifestations and to create artistic projects using the diverse languages of art”. The researcher referred to interdisciplinary and multicultural approaches to develop the program. However, the lack of art teachers in the country has become a stumbling block.

In 2022, Liliana Galvan became one of the directors and curators of the week-long Tinkuy festival. The event unites the local cultures of the whole country. It is held in the capital of Lima and is promoted in the mass media, being one of the significant events in Peru. Tinkuy attracts up to 60 delegations consisting of teachers, wisemen, children, adolescents and their parents from 55 local communities.

The festival gives the participants a chance to exchange knowledge and experience, to create various cultural and artistic projects and to interact on diplomatic grounds. During the event, they choose the parliament and the head learning to make various decisions. At the end of Tinkuy, participants create a manifesto and present it to the President of Peru in a government office.
Afterward, books are published describing the event activities and the results obtained.

It should be mentioned that one of the results of Liliana Galvan’s success was the release of a national TV programme dedicated to art education in schools.
More information about Liliana Galvan’s research on teaching arts in different countries can be found on her Padlet profile.

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