Lectures by Professor Chang Shu-ping on Chinese Language

In February Professor Chang Shu-ping of the University of Taipei visited the Institute of Foreign Languages with a series of lectures on the Chinese language.

Professor Chang Shu-ping, specialist in Chinese linguistics, spoke about the acute aspects of modern Chinese language studies and methods of teaching Chinese. She explained the specifics of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs delivered at the University of Taipei, methods of teaching languages at their Chinese language department, providing examples of state-of-art textbooks in English and Chinese.

The listeners learned about the special aspects of Chinese language proficiency exams conducted in Taiwan for native speakers and foreigners.

The teachers of MCU Chinese Language department shared their experience in developing final assessment tests of Chinese language proficiency level for high-schoolers.

The valuable information shared by Professor Chang Shu-ping will be used to improve the methods of  teaching theoretical aspects of Chinese language and unfold new research areas for students and faculty.

The members of the MCU Chinese Language department, who arranged the lectures by Professor Chang Shu-ping at the Institute of Foreign Languages, believe that this visit will further encourage cooperation between MCU and the University of Taipei.