Lee Chi-tung

Lee Chi-tung

Post: Assistant Lecturer

  • +7 (495) 607-51-30
  • Taiwan

Research Profile

Chinese Linguistics, Comparative Linguistics (Chinese/Korean), Linguistic Typology.


Practical Course of the First Foreign Language (Chinese)
Practical Phonetics (Chinese)
Spoken Chinese
Practical Course of Cross-Cultural Communication (Chinese)

Period of Teaching and Research Service

3 years

Education and Degrees

Master’s degree in teaching Chinese as a second language (National Zhengzhi University, Taipei, Taiwan)

Advanced Professional Training Certificates

January 2022 – trained and certified as a teacher of Chinese as a second/foreign language by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan).
November 2021 – Junior High School and Senior Secondary School Teacher Certificate (Language Art with Specialism in Mandarin) (Ministry of Education, Taiwan).
April 2017 – Elementary School Teacher Certificate (Ministry of Education, Taiwan).

Selected Publications

Lee Chi-tung. (2020). Grammatical function of particle 吧(ba) and suggestions for teaching Korean students grammar. IV Gottlieb Readings. Irkutsk State University.

Lee Chi-tung. (2020). An analysis of the use of «吧(ba)» by Korean Chinese learners — based on the oral corpus. The 3rd Academic Conference of New Generation Korean Studies Researchers. National ChengChi University.

Employment History

Graduated from University of Taipei in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Literature. In 2021, he obtained a master’s degree in teaching Chinese as a second language from National Chengchi University.

He has worked as a teacher at National Chengchi University, University of Taipei, and Daegu Huaqiao School in South Korea.

Can speak Chinese (native language), English and Korean.

From 2018 to 2019, he worked as a teacher at Daegu Overseas Chinese School in South Korea. Students are overseas Chinese and Koreans.

From 2019 to 2020, he worked as a teacher in University of Taipei and assisted in administrative affairs.

He has given two lectures on Chinese linguistic typology at Moscow City University.