Homo dicens. Human in the modern world

MCU Institute of Humanities invites you to participate in the educational workshop for professionals teaching Russian as a foreign language.

The workshop allows you to raise competence in teaching Russian as a foreign language, learn who is homo dicens, and what his life looks like in the challenging modern linguistic and digital reality. The workshop provides an opportunity to learn about the international contest “Homo dicens” for school and university students and other forms of cooperating with the Center for Russian as a foreign and non-native language at the MCU Institute of Humanities.

Associate Professor Maria Zakharova, Department of Russian Language and Methods of Teaching Philological Subjects, is the workshop moderator.

The workshop is on October 9, 2021.

Venue: Microsoft Teams Platform.

Please fill in the form to register for the workshop.

“Homo dicens. Human in the modern world” is part of the MCU project “Homo dicens” within the All-Russian Science Festival “Nauka 0+”.

The project aims at promoting the Russian language and culture in the world. It comprises events for school and university students, philologists, and Russian language enthusiasts from Russia and foreign countries:

  • International Digital Student Contest “Homo dicens” welcomes 600+ participants from 20+ countries;
  • International Student Scientific Conference “Homo dicens” brings together philology students from all over the world;
  • International Russian-language Contest for school students in the mixed format;
  • Preparatory course for Student Creative Contest in Russian “Homo dicens”;
  • Advanced training program “Homo dicens” on Russian for international teachers and students (36 training hours).