First eco-supportive student organization at MCU

Want to live in a better world? Why don’t you take up a more ecological lifestyle? There’s a new student organization at MCU called EcoLand that has been established to help you on your way! Meet Christina Jalalyan, the founder of the EcoLand.

Please tell a few words about yourself.

My name is Christina, I’m enrolled at the MCU’s Institute of Natural Sciences and Sports Technologies. I’m the leader of the MCU’s Ecoclub and its founder. I’m a member of the organization ‘United’ and take part in the MCU’s events and Institute’s projects. This year I’ve also been awarded the title of Vice Miss MCU and worked as an intern in the Moscow City Government.

How long does the EcoLand exist?

It is quite a new organization – we’ve only registered it this year.

How did you come up with the idea of such a project?

I am working towards a degree in teaching Biology and the English language. We always bring up subjects that refer to ecology. Nowadays this topic is widespread in society. I decided it would be interesting to work in a club like this. Besides, there were no organizations of this kind at our university, whereas there are similar ones at other universities. I thought why can’t we be as good as them?

Does your club have a motto?

The world is in our hands, and the world we live in depends on us. Anyone can improve themselves by changing the world for the better.

What is the main activity of the EcoLand?

We focus on public eco-awareness. We tell people of the problems that exist – and ways of solving them with the help of the media and TED talks. We solve the issues regarding waste sorting, participate in activities aimed at protecting animals and plants, arrange ecological workshops.

Could you tell me more about the TED talks at the Ecoland?

In our organization TED talks is an open mike – anyone can prepare a speech and present it to the listeners in order to bring up a topic. After that, we have some discussions, where anyone can share their opinion. By brainstorming we develop ways of solving various ecological issues, like the global ecological problems, for instance.

What would you advise to those who wish to be more eco-friendly?

First of all, look up for information in approved sources, like the Greenpeace website and other national ecological webpages that are supported by the government. The amount of misinformation is increasing: for example, coffee cups that are used instead of plastic ones are actually no less harmful to the environment. Secondly, always throw your garbage in trash cans in the streets. If there is a separate waste collection organized – you should start using it, as it’s the easiest thing anyone can do. You should also watch some ecological films, it’s easy to find them in our community in VK. Then you will be able to live in the world of your dream!